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Title Date published
The Americans S:5 | E:4 What's the Matter With Kansas? 2017-03-29
Culture Gabfest: Beast, Brontës, and Broadway Edition 2017-03-29
Trumpcast: 666 5th Ave. 2017-03-29
Dear Prudence: The “Raise the Bar” Edition Part 1 2017-03-28
90 Seconds: Yeah, Canada's Pretty Chill 2017-03-28
Gist: Step Away From the Screen 2017-03-27
Hang Up: The Fox Sports 1 Isn’t Fox News Edition 2017-03-27
90 Seconds: Rebuild Society Like No One is Watching 2017-03-27
Amicus: Gorsuch Grins, Says Nothing 2017-03-25
Slate Money: The Thinx Twice Edition 2017-03-25
Gist: Feet off the Couch, Please 2017-03-24
Gist: Feet off the Couch, Please 2017-03-24
Political: Gabfest EXTRA 2- the Vanishing Health Care Bill 2017-03-24
90 Seconds: Stick Around, He’ll Be Right Back 2017-03-24
Political: Gabfest "EXTRA- the Health Care" Edition 2017-03-24
ABC: The Art of War by Sun Tzu 2017-03-24
Represent: #36: “Every Single Word” Creator Dylan Marron 2017-03-24
Trumpcast: The Healthcare Vote That Wasn't 2017-03-24
Political: The “Playing Sofball with Neil” Edition 2017-03-23
90 Seconds: Sir, That’s Not Your Department 2017-03-23

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