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Title Date published
Gist: Our Inflamer-in-Chief 2016-12-16
90 Seconds: Overdetermined 2016-12-16
Trumpcast: Putin's Meddling 2016-12-16
Represent: #21: Search Party’s Sarah-Violet Bliss and Charles Rogers 2016-12-16
Gist: Do Strict Voter Laws Make a Difference? 2016-12-15
Political: The “Red Dawn” Edition 2016-12-15
90 Seconds: She's Here For the DNA Three-Way 2016-12-15
DoubleX Gabfest: The "Pass the Phone to Ivanka" Edition 2016-12-15
Gist: We Could Use Jon Stewart Right Now 2016-12-14
90 Seconds: She Puts Her Leather Pants on One Leg At a Time 2016-12-14
Culture Gabfest: Mensch Warfare Edition 2016-12-14
Whistlestop: Harry S. Truman's Battles with the Bosses 2016-12-14
Gist: Putin Plays the Long Game 2016-12-13
Lexicon: What "The Wizard of Oz" Can Tell Us About "Arrival" 2016-12-13
Dear Prudence: The “Death, Sex & Money” Edition 2016-12-13
90 Seconds: Spice Up That Daily Briefing 2016-12-13
Hang Up: The Dark Scorigami Edition 2016-12-12
Gist: Let’s Talk About Rex 2016-12-12
Trumpcast: Enemies of the Planet 2016-12-12
90 Seconds: Friends Don't Investigate Friends 2016-12-12

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