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Title Date published
The Year Nirvana Lost Out to Bryan Adams 2016-08-26
90 Seconds with Slate: The Longest Bruce Springsteen Concert Ever 2016-08-26
Gist: Do You Rely on GPS? Thank Chuck E. Cheese and William F. Buckley 2016-08-25
Political: The "Meet the New Trump" Edition 2016-08-25
90 Seconds with Slate: Break in Case of Emergency 2016-08-25
The DoubleX Gabfest: Propped Up by Pillows Edition 2016-08-25
Gist: A Sympathetic Serial Imposter 2016-08-24
Trumpcast: Time Off For Good Behavior 2016-08-24
Hang Up: The Interview with a Gold Medalist Edition 2016-08-24
Whistlestop: Live Book Tour Mashup 2016-08-24
The Culture Gabfest "And Now It's Dead" Edition 2016-08-24
Gist: There’s a Viking on the Delta 2016-08-24
90 Seconds with Slate: What's the Best Thing About Kubo and the Two Strings? 2016-08-23
Dear Prudence: The "Little Red Hen" Edition 2016-08-23
Lexicon Valley: Word Sex 2016-08-23
The Moment - Michael Chiklis: 8/23/16 2016-08-23
Gist: The ’80s Really Were the Best 2016-08-22
Hang Up: The Let The Games Be Gone Edition 2016-08-22
Trumpcast: He Probably Doesn't Pay Any Taxes 2016-08-22
Represent: #4: Larry Wilmore on the end of "The Nightly Show" 2016-08-22

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