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Title Date published
Represent: #23: 2016 in Review 2016-12-30
Gist: Good Grief 2016-12-29
Political: The "2016 Conundrum" Edition 2016-12-29
90 Seconds: Just the Fox, M'am 2016-12-29
DoubleX Gabfest: The Everyone's A Little Bit Sexist Edition 2016-12-29
Gist: The Home Movie That Changed America 2016-12-28
90 Seconds: End Corruption With One Simple Trick 2016-12-28
Culture Gabfest: Two Condoms and a Poem Edition 2016-12-28
Dear Prudence: The "Rocky II" Edition 2016-12-27
Lexicon: Away in a Penthouse, the Little Lord Jesus 2016-12-27
Hang Up: The Legends of HUAL Edition 2016-12-26
Amicus: Corruption in the White House 2016-12-24
Slate Money: The Doomed Youth Edition 2016-12-24
Gist: LifeAfter’s Mac Rogers 2016-12-23
Represent: #22: More on Disney’s Moana with Nate Chinen 2016-12-23
Gist: When There Was No Ducking Disco 2016-12-22
Political: The “How Bad Could 2017 Be Anyway?” Edition 2016-12-22
90 Seconds: Trump's Ichanoclast 2016-12-22
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: See Ya Dan Kois Edition 2016-12-22
Trumpcast: The End of American Leadership 2016-12-22

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