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Title Date published
The Culture Gabfest: Live from Chelsea Edition 2016-04-08
Gist: If I Were Hillary 2016-04-07
The Americans S:4 | E:4 Chloramphenicol | Slate TV Club 2016-04-07
The DoubleX Gabfest: We Just Want Attention Edition 2016-04-07
Getting In Ep. 7B: Decision Season for Seniors 2016-04-07
Trumpcast: When Trump Doesn’t Win 2016-04-07
Gist: Burning Down Bernie’s Momentum 2016-04-06
The Culture Gabfest: Late Notice Edition 2016-04-06
Gist: You’re Getting Very Sleepy 2016-04-05
Hang Up: The Absolute Travesty Edition 2016-04-05
Trumpcast: What's With The White Working Class? 2016-04-05
Gist: Jon Ronson, Imam of Shame 2016-04-04
Lexicon: Defecation Presentation 2016-04-04
Working: The “How Does a Landscape Designer Work?” Edition 2016-04-03
Amicus: The Case Against the Case Against Confirmation 2016-04-02
Money: The Time's Up Edition 2016-04-02
Gist: The Hamilton Rule 2016-04-01
Serial Season 2, Ep. 11: Slate's Spoiler Special 2016-04-01
Gist: Abolitionist Heroes Lost to History 2016-03-31
Trumpcast: Why This Podcast Isn't Neutral 2016-03-31

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