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Title Date published
Pop, Race, & the ’60s e1: Bob Dylan and Sam Cooke 2016-09-22
DoubleX Gabfest: The ”Don’t pee on my leg” Edition 2016-09-22
Represent: #9: "Crash" director Paul Haggis reflects on his 2005 film 2016-09-22
Trumpcast: Thinking The Unthinkable 2016-09-21
Gist: How Filmmakers Faked the Moon Landing Inside Real NASA 2016-09-21
90 Seconds with Slate: Brangelexit 2016-09-21
Whistlestop: The Birth of Barack 2016-09-21
The Culture Gabfest: Don't Exhale Edition 2016-09-21
Trumpcast: LIAR 2016-09-20
Gist: Maureen Dowd Wants a Candidate Like H.W. Again 2016-09-20
Dear Prudence: The "Talk About It Now" Edition 2016-09-20
Placemakers: A Soft Landing in Missoula 2016-09-20
The Moment - Seth Godin: 9/20/16 2016-09-20
Lexicon Valley: What Is a Dictionary, Really? 2016-09-20
Gist: How Do We Fix Down-Ballot Elections? 2016-09-19
Hang Up: The Fear of Flying Edition 2016-09-19
90 Seconds with Slate: Amnio Made Easier 2016-09-19
Working at the White House: Horticulturist Jim Adams 2016-09-19
Amicus: Notorious RBG 2016-09-17
Money: The Turning Point Edition 2016-09-17

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