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Title Date published
Dear Prudence: The "Good Intentions" Edition 2016-10-25
90 Seconds with Slate: Lives That Matter 2016-10-25
Gist: Adam Tries to Ruin a Horrible Election 2016-10-25
Hang Up: The Joy Is Retroactively Applied Edition 2016-10-24
Trumpcast: OK, You Win... 2016-10-24
Placemakers: The Warrior on the Hill 2016-10-24
Working Beautifully: Stylist Rosana Vollmerhausen 2016-10-23
Slate Money: The Hothouse Edition 2016-10-22
Gist: The Case Against Dropping College Debt 2016-10-21
Trumpcast: Dispatches From The Angry Patriot 2016-10-21
Represent: #14: "9 to 5" writer Patricia Resnick discusses her 40+ years working in Hollywood 2016-10-21
Gist: Do the Best and Brightest Ever Become President?  2016-10-20
Political: The "I Will Keep You in Suspense" Edition 2016-10-20
90 Seconds with Slate: Baldwin's Trump 2016-10-20
Pop, Race, & the ’60s: Episode 3 2016-10-20
Gist Rapid Response: Cirque du Debate 2016-10-20
DoubleX Gabfest: The Killing Off the Kings Edition 2016-10-20
Gist: Jill Stein Pitches a Green Foreign Policy 2016-10-19
Culture Gabfest: Live From Santa Monica Edition 2016-10-19
Whistlestop: Debategate 2016-10-19

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