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Title Date published
The Moment - Josh Ritter: 1/31/17 2017-01-31
Dear Prudence: The “Chasing Amy” Edition 2017-01-31
90 Seconds: Wait, Can They Really Do That? 2017-01-31
Trumpcast: The Magnitsky Act and The Looming Russian Danger 2017-01-31
Hang Up: The He Still Hate Me Edition 2017-01-31
Gist: Up in the Air 2017-01-30
Working: The "How Does a CIA Analyst Work?" Edition 2017-01-30
90 Seconds: After the Ban 2017-01-30
Trumpcast: The President's Executive Disorder 2017-01-29
Slate Money: The Jump Ship Edition 2017-01-28
Trumpcast: Not the New Normal – How the Media Should Cover the Trump Presidency (Live Edition) 2017-01-28
Gist: Yeah, We’re Scared Too 2017-01-27
90 Seconds: Blink the Lights 2017-01-27
Represent: #27: #OscarsSoWhite Creator April Reign 2017-01-27
Trumpcast: The Worst Case Scenario for Voting Rights 2017-01-27
Gist: Deregulation Nation 2017-01-26
Political: The “Has it Really Only Been a Week?” Edition 2017-01-26
90 Seconds: Get Me Legal 2017-01-26
DoubleX Gabfest: The "I Know What a Uterus Looks Like Now" Edition 2017-01-26
Gist: Don’t Mind Us, We’re Just Collapsing 2017-01-25

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