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Title Date published
Gist: A Former Breitbart Star Takes On Steve Bannon 2016-11-22
Dear Prudence: The “Missing the Point” Edition 2016-11-22
Hang Up: The It's Like a Whole Other Quarterback Edition 2016-11-22
Trumpcast: His Rise to Power 2016-11-21
Gist: Learning From the Fallout of Brexit 2016-11-21
Placemakers: A City of Blue Ribbons 2016-11-21
Working: The "How Does an Abortion Provider Work?" Edition 2016-11-21
Slate Money: The Monopoly Money Edition 2016-11-19
Trumpcast: The Shape of Racial Discourse in Trump's Administration 2016-11-19
Gist: The Incredible Failure of Get-Out-the-Vote 2016-11-18
90 Seconds With Slate: Who You Calling Abusive? 2016-11-18
Represent: #18: Comedian and Actress Kathy Griffin 2016-11-18
Trumpcast: One Big Giant Conflict of Interest 2016-11-17
Gist: Can Jared Kushner Really Get Top-Secret Intel? 2016-11-17
Political: The “Should You Work for President Trump” Edition 2016-11-17
90 Seconds With Slate: The Teutonic Edition 2016-11-17
DoubleX Gabfest: The "What's the Matter With Candice?" Edition 2016-11-17
Gist: A Show That Watches the Cops 2016-11-16
90 Seconds With Slate: Permission Structure 2016-11-16
ABC: The Underground Railroad and Underground Airlines 2016-11-16

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