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Title Date published
Regnal Name Generator Edition 2016-11-09
Gist: Jamelle Bouie Sums It Up 2016-11-08
Dear Prudence: The "How Long?" Edition 2016-11-08
Gist: The Myth of the Hard-Luck Trump Voter 2016-11-07
Trumpcast: Suppressing The Vote 2016-11-07
Hang Up: The Stick to Everything Edition 2016-11-07
Placemakers: The Greatest Misallocation of Resources in the History of the World 2016-11-07
The New Americans, Pt. 3: "My Son Will Not Be a Refugee" 2016-11-06
Slate Money: The Live Forever Edition 2016-11-05
The New Americans, Pt. 2: "I've Never Voted in My Life" 2016-11-05
Gist: Harry Enten Explains the FiveThirtyEight Numbers 2016-11-04
The New Americans, Pt. 1: "Oh My God, I’m an American Now" 2016-11-04
Represent: #16: Good Girls Revolt's Joy Bryant 2016-11-04
Gist: A Tax on Both Their Houses 2016-11-03
Trumpcast: A Repudiation of the Liberal Democratic Order 2016-11-03
Political: The “Is it Tuesday Yet” Edition 2016-11-03
Hang Up: The Cubs Win?!? Edition 2016-11-03
DoubleX Gabfest: The “Good Girls, Revolt?” Edition 2016-11-03
Gist: Dominate the News, You Lose 2016-11-02
Culture Gabfest: Sad Eagle Edition 2016-11-02

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