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Title Date published
Represent: #16: Good Girls Revolt's Joy Bryant 2016-11-04
Gist: A Tax on Both Their Houses 2016-11-03
Trumpcast: A Repudiation of the Liberal Democratic Order 2016-11-03
Political: The “Is it Tuesday Yet” Edition 2016-11-03
Hang Up: The Cubs Win?!? Edition 2016-11-03
DoubleX Gabfest: The “Good Girls, Revolt?” Edition 2016-11-03
Gist: Dominate the News, You Lose 2016-11-02
Culture Gabfest: Sad Eagle Edition 2016-11-02
Whistlestop: October Surprise, the 1964 Edition 2016-11-02
Gist: Spotlight on a (Very) Close Race 2016-11-01
Dear Prudence: The “Whaaaattt?!?” Edition 2016-11-01
Lexicon: Whither Didst Thou Go? 2016-11-01
The Moment - John Grisham: 11/1/16 2016-11-01
Gist: The Problem With Mark Kirk 2016-10-31
Hang Up: The Kevin Hustle Plays Kabaddi Edition 2016-10-31
Trumpcast: Project Alamo Or: How Trump Duped the Republican Party into Funding Their Own Destruction 2016-10-31
Placemakers: Fighting Blight in the Gateway City 2016-10-31
Paid Podcast: Placemakers - Elevating the Neighborhood 2016-10-31
Working: The "How Does a Clown Work?" Edition 2016-10-30
Amicus: Intimidation Nation 2016-10-29

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