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Title Date published
Dear Prudence: The "Petty Revenge" Edition 2016-09-13
Represent: #7: Actor/transgender activist Jen Richards talks Matt Bomer in "Anything" 2016-09-13
Trumpcast: No Pay For Policy 2016-09-13
Gist: What Does the Charity World Think of the Clinton Foundation? 2016-09-12
Hang Up: The Zelmo the Hall of Famer Edition 2016-09-12
90 Seconds with Slate: On the Trump Charities Beat 2016-09-12
Paid Podcast: Placemakers - Mapping Urban Renewal 2016-09-12
Working at the White House: Protester, Philipos Melaku-Bello 2016-09-11
Money: The Weapons of Math Destruction Edition 2016-09-10
Gist: Tony Kornheiser Will Make Fun of Your Pants 2016-09-09
Trumpcast: Milf Hunting with Roger (A Second City Special) 2016-09-09
ABC: The Girls 2016-09-09
Represent: #6: MTV actor Nicole Byer on being a black female comedian on social media 2016-09-09
Trumpcast: Trump's Razor 2016-09-09
Gist: Courting Controversy With Drew Magary 2016-09-08
Political: The “Bart Simpson Versus Lisa Simpson” Edition 2016-09-08
90 Seconds with Slate: Atlanta 2016-09-08
DoubleX Gabfest: The Women and Headphones Edition 2016-09-08
Gist: Telling Jokes in the Age of Trigger Warnings 2016-09-08
90 Seconds with Slate: Apple's Big Press Event 2016-09-07

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