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Title Date published
Whistlestop: Goldwater v. Fact Magazine 2016-09-07
Gist: A GOP Apostate Explains Her Vote for Hillary 2016-09-06
Trumpcast: The Roger Ailes in the Room 2016-09-06
Hang Up: The Be Careful Who You Meme Edition 2016-09-06
Lexicon: The Invisible Language of Nursery Rhymes 2016-09-06
Dear Prudence: The "Do it In Song" Edition 2016-09-06
The Moment - Glen Phillips: 9/6/16 2016-09-06
Placemakers: Internet for All 2016-09-05
Working at the White House: Former Intern Chase Woods 2016-09-04
Money: The Preserving Optionality Edition 2016-09-03
90 Seconds with Slate: Your September Streaming Video Guide 2016-09-02
Represent: #5: Comedy vet Craig Robinson talks 'Morris From America' 2016-09-02
Trumpcast: Both Sides of the Border 2016-09-01
Political: The “Make Mexico Great Again” Edition 2016-09-01
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: The Mom and Dad Have Answers Edition 2016-09-01
90 Seconds with Slate: Company Wellness Programs Are Baloney 2016-09-01
Year of Great Books | What Should We Read Next? 2016-09-01
Trumpcast: Opening the Trump Archive 2016-08-31
The Culture Gabfest: Smart Brick Edition 2016-08-31
90 Seconds with Slate: Robo Babies!! 2016-08-30

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