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Title Date published
Hang Up: The Granny Shot Edition 2016-07-25
90 Seconds With Slate: Tim Kaine, Replacements Fan 2016-07-25
Working at the White House: Head Speechwriter Cody Keenan 2016-07-24
Money: The Big Data Edition 2016-07-23
Trumpcast: A Civic Obligation 2016-07-22
Gist: P.C. Policing the Border 2016-07-22
Represent: #1: Robert Townsend on his remarkable filmmaking career 2016-07-22
Gist: AM Spiel: Points For Averting Disaster 2016-07-22
Political: The “Your Word is Your Bond” Edition 2016-07-21
Trumpcast: Not Brokered, But Broken (Live From Cleveland) 2016-07-21
Gist: “Your Dog Smells My Dog” 2016-07-21
Gist: AM Spiel: Cruz Control 2016-07-21
Mom And Dad Are Fighting: Blame Dan and Donald 2016-07-21
Trumpcast: The Mooch (Live From Cleveland) 2016-07-20
Gist: Cutting Class 2016-07-20
Coming Soon: Placemakers 2016-07-20
The Culture Gabfest: Gotta Bust'em All Edition 2016-07-20
Trumpcast: A Delegate From Carl Paladino’s Naughty List 2016-07-20
Gist: To Catch a Cartel 2016-07-20
Dear Prudence: The "Butt Out" Edition 2016-07-19

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