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Title Date published
Gist: O Captain Fantastic! 2016-07-19
Hang Up: The Boiling Point Edition 2016-07-18
Working at the White House: Director of Scheduling Gregory Lorjuste 2016-07-17
Money: The Sports Week Edition 2016-07-16
ABC: All the Single Ladies 2016-07-16
Gist: And We Never Looked at Music the Same Way Again 2016-07-15
Trumpcast: The "TP" Ticket 2016-07-15
Sponsor Content: Open Account - Redefining Success: Neal Gabler on the Secret Shame of the Middle Class 2016-07-15
Coming Soon: Represent 2016-07-15
Gist: The Ungeheuerlich Mr. Johnson 2016-07-14
Political: The "Last Week Was Awful and This Week I Have to Go to Cleveland" Edition 2016-07-14
Trumpcast: Playing Footsie with Racists 2016-07-14
The DoubleX Gabfest: Powerfraus Edition 2016-07-14
Hacking Mr. Robot | S2:E1 2016-07-14
The Moment - Mark Halperin: 7/13/16 2016-07-13
Gist: Type A Anonymous 2016-07-13
The Culture Gabfest: Calamities Ensue Edition 2016-07-13
Trumpcast: Should Republicans Thank Trump? 2016-07-12
Gist: Art That Makes You Angry 2016-07-12
Dear Prudence: The "Regret Baby" Edition 2016-07-12

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