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Title Date published
Gist: When a Joke Almost Works Too Well 2016-05-19
Trumpcast: Democracy Spawns A Tyrant 2016-05-18
The Culture Gabfest: Too Old to Be Governable Too Young to Die Edition 2016-05-18
Gist: Enlightened Titans of Industry 2016-05-17
The Moment - Hayes Carll: 5/17/16 2016-05-17
Lexicon: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot! 2016-05-17
Trumpcast: What to Call Donald Trump 2016-05-17
Gist: Saving Paul Ryan 2016-05-16
Hang Up: The Corny Sneakers Edition 2016-05-16
Working: The "How Does the Chief Scientist of NASA Work?" Edition 2016-05-15
Amicus: Memory Lane 2016-05-14
Money: The Peer Pressure Edition 2016-05-14
Gist: Vote Jabba 2016-05-13
Getting In Episode 9: Checking In With Our Seniors 2016-05-13
Trumpcast: Nate Silver's Bad Prediction 2016-05-13
Political: The "Goofy Elizabeth Warren" Edition 2016-05-12
The Americans S:4 | E:9 The Day After | Slate TV Club 2016-05-12
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Is Grit Good? Edition 2016-05-12
Trumpcast: Trump Confidential 2016-05-12
Gist: I'll Know Porn Addiction When I See It 2016-05-11

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