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Title Date published
Dear Prudence: Cubicle Creep 2020-03-03
Lexicon: From Uptalk to Vocal Fry, Women Are Prolific Language Innovators 2020-03-03
What Next: Who’s Left Standing for Super Tuesday? 2020-03-03
How To!: Get Your Mom to Accept You 2020-03-03
Gist: The DNC’s Primary Process is Flawed 2020-03-03
Hang Up: The Coronavirus and Sports Edition 2020-03-03
What Next: Is The Border Patrol Accountable to Anyone? 2020-03-02
Decoder Ring: The Shop Around the Corner 2020-03-02
Political: Slate Plus Bonus Episode: South Carolina and Super Tuesday 2020-03-01
Working for the Run: How Does a Running Brand Owner Do Her Job? 2020-03-01
Slate Money: Old Bob, New Bob 2020-02-29
Amicus: Have Progressives Lost the Courts for Good? 2020-02-29
Gist: Busting Bernie’s Policy Myth 2020-02-29
Man Up: The Secret to a Healthy Porn Habit 2020-02-29
Hit Parade: I'm Your Whitney Tonight Edition 2020-02-28
What Next TBD: Did Money Corrupt an A.I. Utopia? 2020-02-28
Trumpcast: Trump Revisits This Whole ‘Intelligence’ Thing 2020-02-28
Gist: Combatting Coronavirus With Clowns 2020-02-28
Political: Bern, Baby, Bern 2020-02-27
Studio 360: The final episode 2020-02-27

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