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Title Date published
Gist: The Alt-Right Downturn 2018-12-19
Dear Prudence: The "Aren't We Friends?" Edition 2018-12-18
You Must Remember This 140: Lupe Velez 2018-12-18
Gist: Don’t Trust the Stars 2018-12-18
Hang Up: The Caught Between the Moon and Golden State Edition 2018-12-17
Sponsored: Are Today’s Caregivers Tomorrow’s Patients? 2018-12-17
Who Runs That: E.L.F. CEO Tarang Amin 2018-12-17
Working at MoMA: How Does a Painting Conservator Do Her Job? 2018-12-16
Employee of the Month: Jeffrey Wright and Brian Lehrer on Brett Kavanaugh, Jack Daniel's and Manspreading 2018-12-15
Slate Money: The Liquid Assets Edition 2018-12-15
Trumpcast: Trump, The NRA, And More Illegal Activity 2018-12-15
Gist: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions 2018-12-15
Hit Parade Trivia: The Christmas Music Edition 2018-12-14
Spoilers: The Favourite 2018-12-14
Gist: One Quiet Leap for Mankind 2018-12-14
Political: The “Tinkle Contest With a Skunk” Edition 2018-12-13
Studio 360: Art that grows on you 2018-12-13
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Welcome to the Man Cave Edition 2018-12-13
The Waves: The "Gentle Sexy Gif" Edition 2018-12-13
Gist: When the President Speaks … 2018-12-13

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