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Title Date published
Dear Prudence: New Mini Episodes on Slate Plus! 2019-10-04
What Next: Between Trump and the Snake Moat 2019-10-04
Slate Spoiler Specials: Joker 2019-10-04
Trumpcast: Trump Voters and the Power of Twelve Angry Men 2019-10-04
Gist: Gary Gulman’s Great Depresh 2019-10-04
Political: We’re Not Fooling Around Here 2019-10-03
Studio 360: Antonio Banderas, the Joker’s makeup and ‘I Want You Back’ at 50 2019-10-03
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Birthday Parties and Birthday Suits 2019-10-03
Thirst Aid Kit: In The Shadows with Taika Waititi 2019-10-03
What Next: Adam Schiff's Inquiry 2019-10-03
Gist: Presidential Temper Tantrums 2019-10-03
Man Up: About Guys Who Insist on Paying the Bill... 2019-10-02
Man Up: About Guys Who Insist on Paying the Bill... 2019-10-02
If Then: What it Takes to Study Online Harassment 2019-10-02
What Next: The Ukraine Scandal Was in Plain Sight 2019-10-02
Culture Gabfest: Gap toothed Rube 2019-10-02
Gist: ZuckyLeaks 2019-10-02
Trumpcast: The Brett Kavanaugh Epistemological Crisis 2019-10-01
Dear Prudence: Getting Off Easy 2019-10-01
How To!: Decide To Have a Baby 2019-10-01

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