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Title Date published
Hang Up: LSU is the Geauxt 2020-01-14
Dear Prudence: No Place For Love 2020-01-14
How To!: Rob a Bank 2020-01-14
What Next: What Mike Pompeo Does For Trump 2020-01-14
Gist: The Issue With Oscar Noms 2020-01-14
What Next: What Happened to Lindsey Graham? 2020-01-13
Flashback: Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) 2020-01-12
Working With Code: How Does a Backend Engineer for the FEC Do Her Job? 2020-01-12
Slate Money: Megxit 2020-01-11
Gist: Marianne Williamson Teleports Away 2020-01-11
Spoiler Specials: The Witcher 2020-01-10
What Next TBD: How Targeted Ads Started Watching Us All 2020-01-10
Gist: The Final Great Jeopardy! Game 2020-01-10
Political: Bomb Iran--We’ve Had a Bomb Iran Edition Before 2020-01-09
Trumpcast: Why People Fall For Trump’s Political Cult 2020-01-09
Studio 360: Tig Notaro’s case for Nickelback, Ranky Tanky live, and Jamie Barton’s bisexual spin on classical music 2020-01-09
Mom & Dad: Pretty White Boy Edition 2020-01-09
What Next: Will Voter Suppression Backfire in Florida? 2020-01-09
Gist: What’s John Bolton’s Game? 2020-01-09
Man Up: What You Lose When You Don't Drink 2020-01-08

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