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Title Date published
What Next: Who Wants to Tax a Millionaire? 2019-06-07
Gist: The Melodies of Evil 2019-06-06
Political: The “Underhanded Undercount” Edition 2019-06-06
Studio 360: ‘Booksmart’ besties, and ‘Ishtar’ reconsidered 2019-06-06
Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Dan Kois Returns Edition 2019-06-06
What Next: A Health Care Tale of Two States 2019-06-06
Waves: The "Monetize Our Pain" Edition 2019-06-06
Whistlestop: The Presidency as a Consumer Experience (Part 1) 2019-06-06
Gist: What “Conservative” Means 2019-06-06
Man Up: Men Aren’t Doing the Dishes at Work, Either 2019-06-05
If Then: Re-Up: Senator Mark Warner 2019-06-05
Bonus | The Queen: The Kidnapping of Baby Fronczak 2019-06-05
What Next: The Crowd-Funded Border Wall Is Not a Joke 2019-06-05
Culture Gabfest: All This Science I Don't Understand Edition 2019-06-05
Gist: Saving Civilians, and the Mission 2019-06-05
The “Perfectly Fine, Healthy and Natural” Edition 2019-06-04
What Next: The GOP Operative Haunting Republicans From the Grave 2019-06-04
Trumpcast: When Interpreting Power Means Abuse 2019-06-04
Gist: Out Like a Champ 2019-06-03
Hang Up: The Andre the Provocateur Edition 2019-06-03

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