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Title Date published
The Photography of Frances Benjamin Johnston 2019-11-11
SYMHC Classics: The Tulsa Race Riot and Black Wall Street 2019-11-09
Behind the Scenes Minis: Witchfinder and Baby Sideshow 2019-11-08
Dr. Couney's Baby Sideshow 2019-11-06
Matthew Hopkins and The Discovery of Witches 2019-11-04
SYMHC Classics: Maria Tallchief 2019-11-02
SYMHC Live: William Mumler's Spirit Photography 2019-10-30
The Greenbrier Ghost 2019-10-28
SYMHC Classics: Accused by a Ghost! 2019-10-26
Introducing History VS. 2019-10-25
The Catacombs of Paris 2019-10-23
F.W. Murnau, Director of the Nosferatu 2019-10-21
SYMHC Classics: The Lady Who Turned to Soap 2019-10-19
SYMHC Live: Mysteries of the Color Blue 2019-10-16
Jeanne Baret 2019-10-14
SYMHC Classics: The Case of the Colorado Cannibal, Alferd Packer 2019-10-12
Commercial Aviation in the U.S., Part 2 2019-10-09
Commercial Aviation in the U.S., Part 1 2019-10-07
SYMHC Classics: Beast of Gevaudan 2019-10-05
The Black Sox Scandal 2019-10-02

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