Jim Jefferies tackles the latest news and issues with his trademark no-bulls**t candor, his piercing insight and his uniquely Aussie viewpoint.


Title Date published
Introducing Roy’s Job Fair with Roy Wood Jr‪. 2021-03-22
Introducing I Don’t Know About That with Jim Jefferies 2020-05-08
Bonus: Live at Gotham - Jim's Terrifying Flight Into Baghdad 2019-11-26
There Are Too Many Choices 2019-11-20
Are Japanese B-Stylers Racist? 2019-11-13
Why Americans Fear the Wrong Things 2019-11-06
Legal Prostitution vs. Sex Trafficking 2019-10-30
Jim's Ride-Along with His Cop Brother 2019-10-23
Diving Into the Trump Impeachment Inquiry 2019-10-16
The Decline of Sex in Japan 2019-10-09
Jim Takes On Cancel Culture 2019-10-02
Jim Gives Socialism an Overhaul 2019-09-25
Americans Stopped Caring About Privacy 2019-09-18
The Cost of Trading Away Freedom 2019-05-22
Dividing the United States 2019-05-15
Giving Kids in Foster Care a Leg Up 2019-05-08
Addicted to Everything 2019-05-01
Jim's Guide to Growing Old and Dying 2019-04-24
Jim Goes on an Anti-Poaching Safari 2019-04-17
The Extra Hurdles for Trans Athletes 2019-04-10

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