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Title Date published
Derek Chauvin Trial: Where Things Stand Now, with Alan Dershowitz, Arthur Aidala and Mark Eiglarsh | Ep. 87 2021-04-09
Chris Distefano on COVID Hysteria, Raising Tough Kids, and The Plague of Narcissism | Ep. 86 2021-04-07
Candace Owens on the Derek Chauvin Trial, Motherhood, and Cardi B | Ep. 85 2021-04-05
Jordan Peterson on Radical Honesty, Raising Kids, and Getting Your House in Order | Ep. 84 2021-04-02
The Derek Chauvin Trial: What You Need To Know, with Arthur Aidala, Mark Eiglarsh, and Michael Belsky | Ep. 83 2021-03-31
Dave Ramsey on Capitalism, The Value of Working Hard, and Wealth Equality vs. Wealth Equity | Ep. 82 2021-03-29
Justine Bateman on Parenting in the Age of Instagram, Beauty Standards for Men and Women, and Dealing with Critics | Ep. 81 2021-03-26
Thomas Chatterton Williams on the Authoritarian Left, the Illusion of Racial Identity, and Victimhood in America | Ep. 80 2021-03-24
John Stossel on Big Tech Censorship, COVID Fear, and Capitalism | Ep. 79 2021-03-22
John Rich on Trump and Biden, The Leftward Drift of Red Cities, and His Relationship With God | Ep. 78 2021-03-19
Jocko Willink on Responding to Adversity, Personal Responsibility and Victimhood, and Parenting | Ep. 77 2021-03-17
Victor Davis Hanson on the Crisis at the Border, the Liberal Elite's "Abstract Empathy," and What He Loves About America | Ep. 76 2021-03-15
Michael Knowles on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Entitlement and Victimhood, and the Woke Drift in Schools | Ep. 75 2021-03-12
Andrew Schulz on Trump and Biden, the State of Comedy, and Feminism | Ep. 74 2021-03-10
Oprah's Meghan and Harry Bombshell, with Dan Wootton, Plus Bari Weiss on Her "New ACLU" | Ep. 73 2021-03-08
Larry Elder on Racial Resentment, Media Bias, and What Makes America Great | Ep. 72 2021-03-05
Janice Dean on the Fall of Andrew Cuomo, and The Importance of Making Your Own Sunshine | Ep. 71 2021-03-03
Tim Pool on Big Tech Censorship, Establishment Media Bias, and What He's Building Next | Ep. 70 2021-03-01
Tulsi Gabbard on How Washington Really Works, Clashing with Clinton and Kamala, And Her Political Future | Ep. 69 2021-02-26
Ben Shapiro on Firing Fauci, Uncanceling Carano, and Ditching California | Ep. 68 2021-02-24

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