Previously "The Masters of Modern" The MMCast is your weekly insight into the various Magic: the Gathering formats, with hosts Alex Kessler, Ben Bateman and Michael Grothe. We break down all aspects of the game, from deck archetypes to new releases, deck techs and predictions!


Title Date published
Binks Brews 002: The Meta of the One Piece TCG 2024-02-26
Where is Modern in 2024? w/ Eli Loveman 2024-02-17
How to Play The One Piece Trading Card Game for Magic Players: Bink’s Brews Ep 1 2024-02-12
Murders at Markov Manor Set Review Part 2 2024-02-06
Murders at Markov Manor Set Review Part 1 2024-01-30
Pioneer Bans and Full Set Reprints 2023-12-19
Modern Gets a Shake Up 2023-12-12
Jurassic Park: Universes Beyond Review 2023-11-07
Unban Everything? Unban EVERYTHING! 2023-10-17
Wilds of Eldraine Modern Set Review 2023-09-14
Pro Tour LTR and Final Fantasy Set with MyHandsAreBlank 2023-08-15
Commander Masters Set Review 2023-08-04
The Impact of Chase Cards in Magic 2023-07-04
Lord of the Rings Artisan EDH Set Review 2023-06-27
Lord of the Rings Modern Set Review! 2023-06-13
Lord of the Rings Preview Card! 2023-05-31
The Fallout From Aftermath 2023-05-23
Definitive Land Cycle Tier List! 2023-04-25
What is the WORST Color in Modern? 2023-04-18
March of the Machine Battles and Mechanics 2023-04-04

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