In Feb 2018, an aspiring actress vanished from her Hollywood apartment. Rolling Stone journalist Neil Strauss was asked to help the family get answers. Together, they found them...sometimes at great personal risk. For the first time in a serial podcast, go inside a gripping multi-state investigation as it unfolds from the moment of the disappearance to each twist and turn in the case. Stay not only more informed than the news, but listen as the official story is dismantled with in-the-moment first-hand reporting with the leading figures in the investigation. The new #1 podcast from the team behind Up & Vanished and Atlanta Monster.


Title Date published
Introducing Dead and Gone 2020-10-22
The Curious Case of Matthew Weaver [Bonus Episode 3] 2019-06-13
The Q&A Sessions [Bonus Episode 2] 2019-05-31
Theories. Opinions. Facts. [Bonus Episode 1] 2019-05-23
Look at the Stars [12] - Season Finale 2019-05-17
The Long Way Home [11] 2019-05-10
Blood on the Script [10] 2019-05-02
Hello, I’ve Been Watching You [9] 2019-04-18
Adea [8] 2019-04-05
Family Ties [7] 2019-03-29
The Way of the Warrior [6] 2019-03-21
Holy S#%T [5] 2019-03-14
Toxic Love [4] 2019-03-07
Three Sides to Every Story [3] 2019-03-05
The Secret Life [2] 2019-02-28
A Different Kind of Star [1] 2019-02-28
To Live and Die in LA - Trailer 2019-02-22
Don't go missing in LA 2019-02-21

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