Useful Idiots is an informative and irreverent politics podcast with journalist Matt Taibbi and podcaster/writer Katie Halper. Episodes feature on-the-road coverage of the 2020 campaign and exclusive interviews, with humor, commentary and dissection of the politics news of the week. Join Matt and Katie as they examine important stories that have slipped through the cracks and what the media got wrong – and laugh about whatever is left to laugh about.


Title Date published
What Everyone Gets Wrong About Facebook 2021-10-22
Exclusive: Biden Bombshell Book Author Ben Schreckinger 2021-10-15
Useful Idiots LIVE + The Final Act of the Spending Bill Show 2021-10-09
He Made the First Covid Vaccine. They Shut Him Down 2021-10-01
How the 24-Hour News Cycle Ruined Journalism 2021-09-24
Chris Hedges: "I Wasn't Surprised by 9/11" 2021-09-17
Adolph Reed has ENOUGH White People Explaining Racism to Him 2021-09-10
How Obama's War on Terror Led to Trump 2021-09-03
Afghanistan Vet on Biden Pullout: "I'd Change Nothing" 2021-08-27
The Deadliest Coverup of the 20th Century 2021-08-13
Cuomo's Kiss Compilation & Dystopian Media "Bullshit" w/ Walter Kirn 2021-08-06
Nina Turner Takes on the Establishment in Run for Congress 2021-07-30
The Biggest Government Coverup of the Century 2021-07-23
Julian Assange's Brother: #FreeAssange 2021-07-16
Black Scholar Adolph Reed DESTROYS Robin DiAngelo, White Fragility & Nice Racism 2021-07-09
How to Discharge Your Student Loans with Austin Smith 2021-07-02
Norm Finkelstein on Cancel Culture 2021-06-25
Cuomosexuals and the NYC Mayor Race 2021-06-18
Dennis Kucinich Literally Knocked Down Door To Win Race + Hunter Biden Loves His Penis & the N-Word 2021-06-11
Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti Reach a Breaking Point, plus Dicks By Association, Obama's Drone Addiction, and Water Bear Abuse 2021-06-04

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