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Title Date published
How a TikTok ban would affect the influencer economy 2020-08-11
Samsung Unpacked, Google Pixel 4a review, and Apple's new 27-inch iMac 2020-08-07
Sen. Ron Wyden says Trump’s Section 230 FCC shuffle is a ‘disaster’ 2020-08-04
Tech antitrust hearing: the important moments and what comes next 2020-07-31
Sandworm: A New Era of Cyberwar and the Hunt for the Kremlin's Most Dangerous Hackers 2020-07-28
Big tech antittrust hearing preview and the Xbox Games Showcase breakdown 2020-07-24
Election cybersecurity: How ready are we for November 3rd? 2020-07-21
Twitter gets hacked / NBC's streaming service Peacock debuts / TikTok in the US is threatened 2020-07-17
Will virtual dates stick around after the pandemic? 2020-07-15
How Color of Change helped lead the Facebook boycott 2020-07-14
iOS14 public beta is released, Google’s Pixel 3A is discontinued, and Samsung's event is coming soon 2020-07-10
Bug bounties: the good and the bad of computer security 2020-07-07
Introducing Land of the Giants: The Netflix Effect 2020-06-30
Apple announces macOS Big Sur, new silicon chips, and iOS 14 2020-06-26
Why activists need to think about cybersecurity 2020-06-23
WWDC predictions / Limiting Section 230 Immunity to Good Samaritans Act 2020-06-19
Basecamp CTO David Heinemeier Hansson and Rep. David Cicilline on Apple's monopolistic app store fees 2020-06-18
Sen. Ed Markey on the politics of technology 2020-06-16
Android 11 beta / PS5 reveal / Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft ban facial recognition tech for police 2020-06-12
Tinder CEO Elie Seidman on finding love during the pandemic 2020-06-09

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