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Title Date published
Reviews for the Macbook Air and iPad Pro (2020) and how the coronavirus is affecting tech companies and culture 2020-03-27
Impossible Foods CEO Patrick Brown on a new kind of meat 2020-03-24
Apple announces new iPad Pro and Macbook Air, Sony reveals PS5 specs, and confusion around the coronavirus testing website 2020-03-20
FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel on broadband access across America 2020-03-17
Galaxy S20 review and leaks of iOS 14, watchOS 7, and Pixel 4a 2020-03-13
COVID-19: How it spreads, how to test for it, and economic impact 2020-03-10
Mac Pro and Pro Display review, TCL's folding phone concepts, and rumors of an iPad keyboard with a trackpad 2020-03-06
Political advertising on social media, privacy and encryption legislation, broadband access in rural communities, and other tech policy in 2020 2020-03-03
Galaxy S20 Ultra's camera issues and Bob Iger steps down as Disney CEO 2020-02-28
Argo’s CEO explains why its fleet of self-driving taxis won’t be all-electric (at first) 2020-02-25
Galaxy Z Flip review, CBS streaming service revamp plans, and Android 11 features so far 2020-02-21
Chief Product Officer of Adobe Scott Belsky returns 2020-02-18
Motorola Razr review, Samsung's Galaxy S20 event, and T-Mobile and Sprint allowed to merge 2020-02-14
New Jersey’s former attorney general on Ring cameras and facial recognition 2020-02-11
Iowa caucus app issues, Panos Panay takes over both Microsoft’s hardware and software, and Google reveals Q4 earnings 2020-02-07
How 5G and edge computing fit into the future of Intel’s traditionally chip-focused lineup 2020-02-04
iPad turns 10, Apple's first quarter earnings, and what Google is doing with the Search design 2020-01-31
Neil Young says the Macbook Pro has “Fisher-Price” audio quality 2020-01-28
Apple's encryption controversy, Bezos's hacked phone, and Sonos stopping old product updates 2020-01-24
Rep. David Cicilline on regulating big tech monopolies 2020-01-23

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