Take your daily hit of pod with Nikki Glaser and enjoy what she does best: oversharing about her personal life, getting and giving perspective on dating and sex, dissecting pop culture, trying to understand the news, and making fun of whatever or whoever else deserves it. New episodes every Monday-Friday.


Title Date published
You Up-The Glaser Exit 2020-10-02
You Up-Doesn't Fit A Pattern 2020-10-01
You Up-Shock and Awe 2020-09-30
You Up- Describe As A Cheek 2020-09-29
You Up- Little Baby Bird 2020-09-28
You Up- Round Off 2020-09-25
You Up- Take Out The Bass 2020-09-24
You Up- The Metamorphosis 2020-09-23
You Up- Keep Me Going 2020-09-22
You Up- Fish On The Wall 2020-09-21
You Up-Do A Little Thing 2020-09-18
You Up- According to the Floor 2020-09-17
You Up- Peeled Out 2020-09-16
You Up- Take A Leap 2020-09-15
You Up - Soft Pallet 2020-09-14
You Up- Muffin Baby 2020-09-11
You Up- Trevor w/ Sara Schaefer 2020-09-10
You Up - Pickle Ball 2020-09-09
You Up- Like Blind 2020-09-08
You Up-Feels Like Work 2020-09-04

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