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Title Date published
Your Questions On The Tax Bill, Answered 2017-11-20
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, November 16 2017-11-17
McConnell Says Moore Should Quit Senate Race; GOP Moving Forward With Tax Plan 2017-11-13
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, November 9 2017-11-10
On Eve Of Election, Virginia Governor's Race Looks Tight 2017-11-06
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, November 2 2017-11-02
First Charges Come Out Of Mueller's Russia Investigation 2017-10-30
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, October 26 2017-10-26
Flake To Leave Senate, Says "I Will Not Be Complicit Or Silent" 2017-10-24
NPR Politics Live From Chicago 2017-10-23
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, October 19 2017-10-19
Bannon Declares War On GOP; Trump And McConnell: "We're Fighting For The Same Thing" 2017-10-16
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, October 12 2017-10-12
Trump Takes Harder Line On Immigration And DACA, Feuds With Senator Bob Corker 2017-10-10
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, October 5 2017-10-05
Trump Calls Las Vegas Shooting "An Act Of Pure Evil" 2017-10-02
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, September 28 2017-09-28
Obamacare Repeal Efforts, Revised Travel Ban and Trump's NFL Controversy 2017-09-25
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, September 21 2017-09-22
Trump at UN, GOP Pushes Health Care 2017-09-19

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