Each week, Sam Sanders interviews people in the culture who deserve your attention. Plus weekly wraps of the news with other journalists. Join Sam as he makes sense of the world through conversation.


Title Date published
Weekly Wrap: Dems Debate, Mister Rogers and WeWork 2019-11-22
Interview: Alicia Menendez On How Women Fall Into 'The Likeability Trap' 2019-11-19
Weekly Wrap: Disney+, Four-Day Workweek, Impeachment In Historical Context 2019-11-15
Interview: Musician Jacob Collier On Making Everyday Sounds Into Songs 2019-11-12
Weekly Wrap: DACA's Legal Future, The Lasting Impact Of Prop 187, And Local Politics 2019-11-08
Interview: Comedian Amanda Seales On 'Insecure' And Her Book, 'Small Doses' 2019-11-05
Weekly Wrap: Impeachment, Kanye West, Plus Why The Internet Loves Jeff Goldblum 2019-11-01
Interview: Comedian Pete Holmes On 'Comedy Sex God' And His Faith 2019-10-29
Weekly Wrap: School Surveillance, That Anonymous Book, College Tuition Benefits 2019-10-25
Interview: Actress Regina King On Having Difficult Conversations About Race 2019-10-22
Weekly Wrap: What's Going On In Turkey And Syria, And Facebook's Political Ad Problem 2019-10-18
Interview: Comedian Cristela Alonzo On Her Sitcom And Her Love Of Music 2019-10-15
Weekly Wrap: #MeToo and Matt Lauer, Political Corruption, & Snoop Dogg Shenanigans 2019-10-11
Interview: Writer And Poet Saeed Jones On 'How We Fight For Our Lives' 2019-10-08
Weekly Wrap: Funk's Resurgence In Pop, The Future Of Title VII, Domestic Extremism 2019-10-04
John Legend On The Music Industry, His Career, Politics And Balancing It All 2019-10-01
Weekly Wrap: Where The Climate Conversation Stands, Plus The Emmys And Diversity 2019-09-27
Interview: Jonathan Van Ness Of 'Queer Eye' On Overcoming Trauma 2019-09-24
Weekly Wrap: GM Workers On Strike, School Lunch Debt, Whitney Houston Hologram 2019-09-20
Interview: Best-Selling Author Malcolm Gladwell On 'Talking To Strangers' 2019-09-17

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