Each week, Sam Sanders interviews people in the culture who deserve your attention. Plus weekly wraps of the news with other journalists. Join Sam as he makes sense of the world through conversation.


Title Date published
Songs For Summer 2019-07-05
Interview: 'Queenie' Author Candice Carty-Williams 2019-07-02
Weekly Wrap: Before Stonewall, LGBT History, Student Loan Debt 2019-06-28
The Great Big DRAGisode 2019-06-25
Weekly Wrap: UFOs, Iran, Libra 2019-06-21
Interview: Maya Erskine on 'Plus One' and 'PEN15' 2019-06-18
Weekly Wrap: Jon Stewart on 9/11 Fund, Veteran Homelessness, & Women's World Cup 2019-06-14
Interview: Ryan O'Connell On 'Special' 2019-06-11
Weekly Wrap: Government Takes On Big Tech, What 'Intersectionality' Means, RIP iTunes 2019-06-07
Interview: Writer Shelby Lorman Has Plenty Of 'Awards For Good Boys' 2019-06-04
Weekly Wrap: Hollywood Versus Georgia, AirPods, 737 Max Troubles And Summer Travel 2019-05-31
Interview: Writer, Actor, & Producer Lena Waithe 2019-05-28
Weekly Wrap: Severe Weather And Climate Change, U.S. Migrant Deaths, VIP Dining 2019-05-24
How Tech Hijacks Our Brains, Corrupts Culture, And What To Do Now 2019-05-21
Weekly Wrap: Eurovision Takes The Stage, Plus China Tariffs, Abortion Restrictions 2019-05-17
Interview: 'SNL' And 'The Other Two' Writers Sarah Schneider and Chris Kelly 2019-05-14
Weekly Wrap: 2020 Politics And More, Live From Des Moines, Iowa 2019-05-10
Art In The Age Of Instagram 2019-05-07
Weekly Wrap: A Meatless Moment, How To Combat Homelessness, Containing The Measles 2019-05-03
Interview: Comedian Shane Torres 2019-04-30

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