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Title Date published
Facebook, Fake News, and Democracy 2017-10-10
Weekly Wrap: "Politics Over Empathy." 2017-10-06
Actor/Director John Carroll Lynch 2017-10-03
Weekly Wrap: "Back At It." 2017-09-29
'Insecure' Showrunner Prentice Penny 2017-09-26
Weekly Wrap: "Where Is Elton?" 2017-09-22
Obama Speechwriter David Litt's "Hopey Changey White House Years" 2017-09-19
Weekly Wrap: "Everything. Is. Fine." 2017-09-16
The Russia Investigation and The President's Foreign Deals 2017-09-12
Weekly Wrap: "Chuck And Nancy." 2017-09-08
Race, Identity, and Performance in Danzy Senna's 'New People' 2017-09-05
Weekly Wrap: "Thoughts And Prayers." 2017-09-01
'Trials of the Free Press' 2017-08-29
Weekly Wrap: "On And On." 2017-08-25
Inside 'The Onion' 2017-08-22
Weekly Wrap: "Pick A Side." 2017-08-18
Charlottesville and White People 2017-08-15
Weekly Wrap: "Simmer Down, Now." 2017-08-11
'SNL' Alum Sasheer Zamata 2017-08-08
Weekly Wrap: "Because Of You." 2017-08-04

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