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Title Date published
C3E99 Downfall: Part One 2024-07-18
Suddenly Samuel | 4-Sided Dive | Episode 25: Discussing Up To C3E98 2024-07-12
Ménagerie a Trois | Daggerheart | Open Beta 2024-06-27
C3E98 The Nox Engine 2024-06-27
C3E97 Ancient Sins 2024-06-13
Swordgate | 4-Sided Dive | Episode 24: Discussing Up To C3E96 2024-06-07
Introducing Our New Podcast The Re-Slayer's Take! 2024-06-03
The Menagerie Returns! | Live One-Shot | Open Beta 2024-05-30
C3E96 Shadows New and Old 2024-05-30
C3E95 Gathering of Needs 2024-05-23
C3E94 Where The Red Fearne Glows 2024-05-16
Still Blessed | 4-Sided Dive | Episode 23: Discussing Up To C3E93 2024-05-10
Welcome to Beacon! 2024-05-09
C3E93 Bittersweet Reunions 2024-05-09
C3E92 Broken Roads 2024-04-25
C3E91 True Heroism 2024-04-18
Witch Sesh | 4-Sided Dive | Episode 22: Discussing Up To C3E90 2024-04-16
C3E90 Mission Improbable 2024-04-11
C3E89 Divisive Portents 2024-03-28
C3E88 Seeking Sedition 2024-03-21

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