Tom Borelli is a PhD molecular biologist turned political activist, and a Newsmax contributor. Deneen Borelli is the author of “Blacklash,” and a Fox News contributor. They’re the Borellis, exposing government corruption, and championing freedom, giving you the truth in black and white. This is Reigniting Liberty.


Title Date published
Hillary Clinton and Twitter 2023-01-05
Worst Person of 2022 Award 2022-12-31
Green New Deal Fail 2022-12-28
FBI Got Twitter to Censor Hunter Laptop Story 2022-12-22
Democrat Propaganda Machine Protects Hunter Biden 2022-12-17
Illegal Migrant Surge w/ Lora Ries 2022-12-15
More FBI collusion with Twitter revealed 2022-12-12
FBI collusion with Twitter revealed 2022-12-07
BLM & New Marxist Revolution Threatens U.S. w/ guest Mike Gonzalez 2022-12-04
Chinese Rebel Against Brutal Zero COVID Lockdowns 2022-11-30
Liberal establishment attack on Elon Musk's Twitter 2022-11-26
The Media is the Enemy of the People 2022-11-16
2022 Midterm Elections Recap 2022-11-13
Biden Green New Deal Designed to Control Americans 2022-11-05
Louisiana State Treasurer John Schroder 2022-11-02
Abe Hamadeh is back to talk AZ Republican alliance 2022-10-28
Choose Life: Grace Women's Care Center 2022-10-26
Ignore the Lies, Trump Supports Jews with Bryan E. Leib 2022-10-22
Election Time: Pelosi Calls for Border Security 2022-10-20
Liar-In-Chief: Biden’s Top Lies 2022-10-15

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