A Star Trek podcast by two guys who are a bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast. After reviewing all of Star Trek: The Next Generation and DS9, we're reviewing Star Trek: Voyager from beginning to end. Check out The Greatest Discovery, our spinoff about all the new Star Trek series!


Title Date published
Over the Shoulder Caveman Holder (VOY S3E1) 2021-11-29
Sodium Pinecontothal (VOY S2E26) 2021-11-22
Tub Thicc (VOY S2E25) 2021-11-15
Logically Non-Monogamous (VOY S2E24) 2021-11-08
Where Did All These Pencils Come From? (VOY S2E23) 2021-11-01
They Had Oobie Doobie Thrust Upon Them (VOY S2E22) 2021-10-25
A Clip Show Inside A Clip Show Inside A Clip Show (Welcome to the Greatest Generation!) 2021-10-21
Meaty Kings (VOY S2E21) 2021-10-18
Meet the Neighbors: Dead Pilots Society x The Greatest Generation 2021-10-14
The Asteroid is Talaxian Culture (VOY S2E20) 2021-10-11
Kitten Balm (VOY S2E19) 2021-10-04
I Wish I'd Been Born a Piller (VOY S2E18) 2021-09-27
Tinker Toothpick Bottle Opener Spy (VOY S2E17) 2021-09-20
Got Dome From the Back (VOY S2E16) 2021-09-13
Excitement Panic (VOY S2E15) 2021-09-06
Critical Kazon Theory (VOY S2E14) 2021-08-30
Make or Die (VOY S2E13) 2021-08-23
Acid Rain Man (VOY S2E12) 2021-08-16
Message in a Buoy (VOY S2E11) 2021-08-09
Corpse Compass (VOY S2E10) 2021-08-02

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