A Star Trek podcast by two guys who are a bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast. After reviewing all of Star Trek: The Next Generation and DS9, we're reviewing Star Trek: Voyager from beginning to end. Check out The Greatest Discovery, our spinoff about all the new Star Trek series!


Title Date published
Canadian Cute (S4E25) 2017-01-02
That’s How You Grow Creepy Chickens (S4E24) 2016-12-28
Confiding in a Blender (S4E23) 2016-12-26
Not Quite as Boob-y (S4E22) 2016-12-21
More Labial Than Chihuly (S4E21) 2016-12-19
Duke Gingersnap (S4E20) 2016-12-14
A Special, Weird Kind of Losing (S4E19) 2016-12-12
Pretty Chill for Assimilating Aliens (S4E18) 2016-12-07
It Isn't Quite Spooky, But It Is Upsetting (S4E17) 2016-12-05
So Zesty (S4E16) 2016-11-30
It's Why You Join Starfleet (S4E15) 2016-11-28
Buffalo Troi Voice (S4E14) 2016-11-23
Rotten with Ziggurats (S4E13) 2016-11-21
A Honda Del Sol-Type Starship (S4E12) 2016-11-16
Chiaroscuro, All The Way Down (S4E11) 2016-11-14
A Hat Big Enough For The Occasion (S4E10) 2016-11-09
A Smattering of Loaf (S4E9) 2016-11-07
The Fart Cave (S4E8) 2016-11-02
The P'tachlin Group (S4E7) 2016-10-31
It’s That Tight (S4E6) 2016-10-26

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