A Star Trek podcast by two guys who are a bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast. After reviewing all of Star Trek: The Next Generation and DS9, we're reviewing Star Trek: Voyager from beginning to end. Check out The Greatest Discovery, our spinoff about all the new Star Trek series!


Title Date published
Malibu Picard (S2E13) 2016-06-06
Pajama Bottom Dumpy (S2E12) 2016-06-01
Fleet of Dorks (S2E11) 2016-05-30
Wesley's Chick Magnet (S2E10) 2016-05-25
Data's Reproductive Rights (S2E9) 2016-05-23
2 Chaotic 2 Bro (S2E8) 2016-05-18
Space Mengele (S2E7) 2016-05-16
A Case of the Spaceys (S2E6) 2016-05-11
Dick Valet (S2E5) 2016-05-09
No Joke Is Getting Out Alive (S2E4) 2016-05-04
A Long Walk for a Dick Joke (S2E3) 2016-05-02
The Inbred Q (S2E2) 2016-04-27
Worf Don't Preach (S2E1) 2016-04-25
Five Dollar Carnival Guitar (S1E26) 2016-04-20
Effectively Gross (S1E25) 2016-04-18
The Riker Collection (S1E24) 2016-04-13
Metamucil and Printer Ink (S1E23) 2016-04-11
Interplanetary Rubberband Men (S1E22) 2016-04-06
The Clearasil of Freedom (S1E21) 2016-04-04
A Warrior Is Coming (S1E20) 2016-03-30

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