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Title Date published
Trauma Currency Exchange (Discovery S4E2) 2021-11-30
You’d Die to Get Killed Off of a Show Like This (Discovery S4E1 & Prodigy S1E5) 2021-11-23
Infinite Helmet Diversity in Infinite Combinations of Spacesuit (STP S1E3) 2021-11-16
Dal Am Become Kirk (Prodigy S1E2) 2021-11-09
Dump Truck Murph (Prodigy S1E1) 2021-11-02
Auspicnominious (Lower Decks S2E10) 2021-10-19
One Show Energy (Lower Decks S2E9) 2021-10-12
The Dark Knight of Favors (Lower Decks S2E8) 2021-10-05
Sexy Shakespeare Reference (Lower Decks S2E7) 2021-09-28
Dumbocracy (Lower Decks S2E6) 2021-09-21
Doopler Goodbye (Lower Decks S2E5) 2021-09-14
Mugato Burgers Patingi (Lower Decks S2E4) 2021-09-07
I’ve Got Guramba (Lower Decks S2E3) 2021-08-31
We Boimlered Greatest Discovery (Lower Decks S2E2) 2021-08-24
A Being of Pure Ego (Lower Decks S2E1) 2021-08-17
A Compounding Pharmacy of Shame (Lower Decks Season 1 Recap) 2021-08-10
Lower Decker (Chaos on the Bridge - Dir: William Shatner) 2021-07-27
Coffeemaker of Comedy (The Simpsons S4E12: Marge vs. the Monorail) 2021-07-13
Empire Waist (An interview with Faith Salie) 2021-06-29
Some Twerps Like Venus (Twitch Q&A) 2021-06-15

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