The unofficial, irreverent and filthy aftershow for all the new Star Trek television: Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks, Short Treks, and anything else they throw at us. Each Tuesday after a new episode of Star Trek, Adam and Ben recap and review while making each other laugh. Check out our other show, The Greatest Generation, a Star Trek podcast by a couple of guys who are a little bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast!


Title Date published
The Asteroid is Wrath (Discovery S3E4) 2020-11-10
The Full Hudson (Discovery S3E3) 2020-11-03
Butcher Shop Chic (Discovery S3E2) 2020-10-27
Tantric Ambition (Discovery S3E1) 2020-10-20
Hall of Sexual Innuendo Mirrors (Lower Decks S1E10) 2020-10-13
Fish vs. Dog (Lower Decks S1E9) 2020-10-06
Chicken Tendi (Lower Decks S1E8) 2020-09-29
Dr. Katz, Medicine Woman (Lower Decks S1E7) 2020-09-22
Amuse-Burger (Lower Decks S1E6) 2020-09-15
USS Weekly (Lower Decks S1E5) 2020-09-08
The Only Way You Can Ascend (Lower Decks S1E4) 2020-09-01
Self Petered (Lower Decks S1E3) 2020-08-25
Cup O Gagh (Lower Decks S1E2) 2020-08-18
A Very Angry Zit (Lower Decks S1E1) 2020-08-11
Unfrozen Caveman Eugenicist  (TAS S1E2 / S1E7) 2020-08-04
It's Always a Problem for Kirk (TAS S1E1 / S1E5) 2020-07-28
The Dread Dinghy (Star Trek Voyager: Mirrors and Smoke) 2020-07-21
Cafeteria Android (Character Deep Dive: Data) 2020-07-07
A More Thoughtful Brand of Q (Q&A with Ben and Adam) 2020-06-23
Pre-Bow Mall Santa Display (TOS S1E26: Errand of Mercy) 2020-06-09

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