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Title Date published
lowercase t (Discovery S2E8) 2019-03-12
Scramble Spock's Egg (Discovery S2E7) 2019-03-05
Pink Note (Discovery S2E6) 2019-02-26
Butt-Dial Georgiou (Discovery S2E5) 2019-02-19
H.R. Goo-ger (Discovery S2E4) 2019-02-12
It Tastes Human (Discovery S2E3) 2019-02-05
New Weeden (Discovery S2E2) 2019-01-29
The Tight Stuff (Discovery S2E1) 2019-01-22
Repping Breen (Short Treks: The Escape Artist) 2019-01-08
Leaned Into the Scruff (Star Trek: Discovery Annual 2018 Part 2) 2018-12-25
We're Lucky to Have Him (Short Treks: The Brightest Star) 2018-12-11
Big Doggin' the Bar (Star Trek: Discovery Annual 2018 Part 1) 2018-11-27
When the Crew is Away the Zora will Play (Short Treks: Calypso) 2018-11-13
Ornately Carved Zippo (Star Trek: Discovery The Light of Kahless Issue 3) 2018-10-23
How to Fix Your Butt (Short Treks: Runaway) 2018-10-09
What A Couple of Dicks (Star Trek: Discovery The Light of Kahless Issues 1 & 2) 2018-09-25
A Mamet of Double-Crosses (Star Trek: Discovery Succession Issue 4) 2018-09-11
An interview with J.K. Woodward 2018-08-28
House Jumbo's Clown Room (Star Trek News) 2018-08-14
Legendarily Horny (TOS S1E3: Mudd's Women) 2018-07-31

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