Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary invite you to become a customer at Video Archives, the store that started it all. Joined by their announcer Gala Avary, they’ll travel back in time to revisit old classics and discover new favorites, pulled from the actual VHS tapes that Quentin and Roger used to recommend to customers at the original Video Archives store in Manhattan Beach. From controversial James Bond films to surprising exploitation flicks, the duo will expose you to movies you didn't know you'd love, give awards to their favorites, and of course, rate the quality of the video transfer.


Title Date published
The Fool Killer / The Young Nurses / My Nights With Susan, Sandra, Olga and Julie (ft. Joe Dante) 2023-01-31
After Show 14 - Revisiting Sonny & Jed, Etc. 2023-01-24
Sonny & Jed / Mister Scarface / American Nitro 2023-01-17
After Show 13 - Video Vault: Haunted Honeymoon 2023-01-10
Busting / Little Darlings / Julia 2023-01-03
After Show 12 - Revisiting Cry For Me Billy 2022-12-27
Rage / The Loved One / Cry For Me Billy 2022-12-20
After Show 11 - Video Vault: The In-Laws 2022-12-13
The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes / The Light At The Edge Of The World / Hostages (with Jacqueline Coley) 2022-12-06
After Show 10 - Revisiting Lipstick And More 2022-11-29
Lipstick / The One And Only / Slithis 2022-11-22
After Show 09 - More On Star 80 2022-11-15
Star 80 2022-11-08
After Show 08 - Wrapping Up American Giallo 2022-11-01
American Giallo Pt. 2: Alice, Sweet Alice / Happy Birthday To Me (with Eli Roth) 2022-10-25
After Show 07 - More American Giallo 2022-10-18
American Giallo Pt. 1: Dressed To Kill / Eyes Of Laura Mars (with Eli Roth) 2022-10-11
After Show 06 - Revisiting Coma And More 2022-10-04
Coma / Mikey & Nicky / Piranha 2022-09-27
After Show 05 - Letters From Listeners 2022-09-20

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