What happens when a Twitch star joins forces with the brains behind Conan’s Clueless Gamer? Pure video game magic! Each week Sonja Reid aka OMGitsfirefoxx and Aaron “Bley” Bleyaert nerd out with your favorite actors, musicians, comedians, gamers, and athletes who are as passionate about gaming as they are. From T-Pain venting about Pac-Man to AtomicMari becoming a real-life Lara Croft—guests share the games that they most loathe and love. Plus there will be epic stories, reviews, recommendations, and giveaways.


Title Date published
Gabe Hicks on Dating Sims and RPGs 2022-01-07
Unspeakable on the Power of Minecraft 2021-12-31
Sneaky is Just Having a Good Time 2021-12-24
Ken Levine on Sticking the Landing 2021-12-17
Jonathan Blow on the Art of the Puzzle 2021-12-10
Jackie Kashian Loves a Good Victory Screen 2021-12-03
Jonny Cruz on Channeling His Inner Loki 2021-11-26
Tara Strong is the Voice of Our Childhood 2021-11-19
Adam Sessler on the Return of G4 2021-11-12
Sam Riegel on Playing Games for a Living 2021-11-05
Ashly Burch Was A Gamer Before She Could Talk 2021-10-29
Jason Kelley on Breaking the Loop 2021-10-22
Liam O’Brien on Going to Narnia on a Regular Basis 2021-10-15
Giancarlo Esposito on the Art of the Villain 2021-10-08
Timm Woods on the D&D Renaissance 2021-10-01
Mari Takahashi is the Ted Lasso of ESports 2021-09-24
Sam Humphries Needs to Vent About Atari’s E.T. 2021-09-17
Darin De Paul is a Man of Many Voices 2021-09-10
Ian Hecox Can’t Stop Playing Civilization VI 2021-09-03
Kassem G Will Be Your Comic Book Guide 2021-08-27

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