What happens when a Twitch star joins forces with the brains behind Conan’s Clueless Gamer? Pure video game magic! Each week Sonja Reid aka OMGitsfirefoxx and Aaron “Bley” Bleyaert nerd out with your favorite actors, musicians, comedians, gamers, and athletes who are as passionate about gaming as they are. From T-Pain venting about Pac-Man to AtomicMari becoming a real-life Lara Croft—guests share the games that they most loathe and love. Plus there will be epic stories, reviews, recommendations, and giveaways.


Title Date published
Dan Gheesling is an OG Gamer 2021-08-20
Courtney Miller is a Video Game Fraidy Cat 2021-08-13
Arin Hanson on Game Grumps and Gitaroo Man 2021-08-06
Ethan Nestor aka CrankGameplays on What Keeps Him Creative 2021-07-30
Kevin Smith is a Master of the Universe 2021-07-23
Erika Ishii on Using Her Voice 2021-07-16
Justin Roiland Thinks This is All a Simulation 2021-07-09
Matthew Mercer on What it Takes to be a Dungeon Master 2021-07-02
Wolfgang Van Halen is a Gaming Console Connoisseur 2021-06-25
Drumsy on His Virtual Reality World 2021-06-18
Frankie Grande is a Gaymer 2021-06-11
Reggie Watts on the Future of VR 2021-06-04
Loserfruit on Battling Burnout 2021-05-28
Cliff Bleszinski is a Renaissance Man 2021-05-21
Nolan North on his Uncharted Path 2021-05-14
Blake Anderson is a Semi-Pro Gamer 2021-05-07
The Technician on the Creation of CodeMiko 2021-04-30
Troy Baker is Searching for his Magnum Opus 2021-04-23
Naomi Kyle on the Power of Cosplay 2021-04-16
Mike Drucker on the Despair of Silent Hill 2 2021-04-09

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