Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be friends with a murderer? Or escape a kidnapping? Or have a father who was a serial killer? Join Jac Vanek, Alexis Linkletter, and Billy Jensen on a chilling ride into the darkest corners of your worst nightmares. Murders, cults, kidnappings, and conspiracies—all told through the eyes of a guest who is one degree of separation from the story itself. From infamous serial killers to the unbelievable unknown murder in your own backyard, The First Degree delivers a new perspective to the already fascinating true crime landscape. And who knows... you may be our next guest. (Plus, join them every Thursday for Killing Time, the light-hearted, true crime-adjacent aftershow!)


Title Date published
Episode 114: Vicki Logan & Wanda Turner 2020-10-14
Episode 113: Oklahoma City Bombing Part 3 2020-10-07
Episode 112: Oklahoma City Bombing Part 2 2020-09-30
Episode 111: Oklahoma City Bombing Part 1 2020-09-23
Episode 110: Mikey Keller 2020-09-16
Episode 109: Janet Downing Part 2 2020-09-09
Episode 108: Janet Downing Part 1 2020-09-02
Episode 107: Shannon Leigh Kos 2020-08-26
Episode 106: Pat & Bobbie McNeely 2020-08-19
Episode 105: Seath Jackson 2020-08-12
Episode 104: Colleen Ritzer 2020-08-05
Episode 103: The BTK Killer Part 3 2020-07-29
Episode 102: The BTK Killer Part 2 2020-07-22
Episode 101: The BTK Killer Part 1 2020-07-15
Episode 100: John Getreu 2020-07-08
Episode 99: Margaret Williams 2020-07-01
Episode 98: The Short Family 2020-06-24
Episode 97: Jayme Closs 2020-06-17
Episode 96: NXIVM 2020-06-10
Episode 95: Listen 2020-06-05

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