Hosts Lauren Faits and Jamie Sanchez revisit Cowboy Bebop, their favorite anime of all time. Each episode explores the characters, stories, themes, and music that make Cowboy Bebop a jazzy sci-fi hit to this day. Follow along for weekly news, interviews, and speculation about the upcoming live-action show. Are you ready for The Beat?


Title Date published
Red Planet Requiem ft. Sean Cummings 2022-01-21
Darkside Tango ft. Anneke Botha 2022-01-14
Callisto Soul ft. Naomi Markman 2022-01-07
Dog Star Swing ft. Charlie the Corgi and Friends 2021-12-24
Venus Pop ft. Podcast Friends 2021-12-17
Cowboy Gospel ft. Kim Huston 2021-12-10
The Bebop Beat Live: Netflix Binge 2021-12-03
Bonus Episode: Netflix Trailers and Teasers 2021-11-03
The Real Folk Blues (Part 2) ft. Our Listeners 2021-10-15
The Real Folk Blues (Part 1) ft. Mike Toole 2021-10-08
Hard Luck Woman ft. Brian Kunde 2021-10-01
Bonus Episode: Netflix First Preview 2021-09-28
Brain Scratch ft. Sarah Hightower 2021-09-24
Knocking on Heaven’s Door Part 2 ft. Chise 2021-09-17
Knocking on Heaven’s Door Part 1 ft. Jennifer Hale 2021-09-10
The Board Games of Bebop ft. Eric Price and Friends 2021-09-03
Cowboy Funk ft. Vintage Anime Club Podcast 2021-08-27
Boogie Woogie Feng Shui ft. Sarah Pickett and Mario Solis 2021-08-20
Pierrot le Fou ft. Sean Dove 2021-08-13
Wild Horses ft. Travis Sauder 2021-08-06

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