Hosts Lauren Faits and Jamie Sanchez revisit Cowboy Bebop, their favorite anime of all time. Each episode explores the characters, stories, themes, and music that make Cowboy Bebop a jazzy sci-fi hit to this day. Follow along for weekly news, interviews, and speculation about the upcoming live-action show. Are you ready for The Beat?


Title Date published
Speak Like a Child ft. Wendee Lee 2021-07-30
Mushroom Samba ft. Austin Lim 2021-07-23
The Music of Bebop Pt. 2 ft. Raj Ramayya, Scott Matthew, & Rose Bridges 2021-07-16
Black Dog Serenade ft. Ruben Rosario 2021-07-09
My Funny Valentine ft. Trin Garritano 2021-07-02
Bohemian Rhapsody ft. Tony Gentry 2021-06-28
The Video Games of Bebop ft. Derrick Fields 2021-06-18
Jupiter Jazz (Part 2) ft. Mason Alexander Park 2021-06-11
Jupiter Jazz (Part 1) ft. David Thomas 2021-06-04
The Books of Bebop ft. E.K. Weaver 2021-05-28
Bonus Episode: Manga Recap 2021-05-26
Toys In the Attic ft. Symphony Sanders 2021-05-21
Ganymede Elegy ft. Beau Billingslea 2021-05-14
Jamming With Edward ft. Terry Gant 2021-05-07
Waltz for Venus ft. Eddie Doty 2021-04-30
Heavy Metal Queen ft. Bob Rapciak & Melodee Spevack 2021-04-23
Sympathy for the Devil ft. Mary Strawser 2021-04-16
The Music of Bebop ft. Steve Conte 2021-04-09
Ballad of Fallen Angels ft. Marshall Banana 2021-04-02
Gateway Shuffle ft. Lauren Orsini 2021-03-26

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