This show has created more financial freedom for busy people like you than nearly any show in the world. Wealthy people's money either starts out or ends up in real estate. But you can't lose your time. Without being a landlord or flipper, you learn about strategic passive real estate investing to create wealth for yourself. I'm Show Host Keith Weinhold. I also serve on the Forbes Real Estate Council and write for Forbes. I serve you ACTIONABLE content for cash flow on a platter. Our bottom line in real estate investing together is: “What’s your Return On Time?” Where traditional personal finance merely helps you avoid losing, you learn how to WIN. Why live below your means when you can expand your means? Since 2002, international real estate investor Keith Weinhold owns multifamily apartment buildings to single family homes to agricultural real estate. New episodes are delivered every Monday.


Title Date published
311: Get Ready For The Bidding Wars with GRE's Aundrea Newbern 2020-09-21
310: A Real Estate Winner Today: Florida New Build-To-Rent Homes 2020-09-14
309: Is Homeownership A Scam? (Rent vs. Own) 2020-09-07
308: Stocks Set To Fall By 80%, Home Prices Surge Above $300K - with Harry Dent 2020-08-31
307: Why The Rich Are Getting Richer 2020-08-24
306: Homelessness and Real Estate, Chicago Is World Class 2020-08-17
305: How To Survive A Horrific Economic Contraction with Anna Myers 2020-08-10
304: How Money Really Affects Your Happiness, Design Your Lifestyle Through Real Estate 2020-08-03
303: Do-It-Yourself Property Management 2020-07-27
302: Five Ways Real Estate Pays You, Offensive vs. Defensive Investing 2020-07-20
301: Will You Escape From A Depression? Inflation vs. Deflation with Richard Duncan 2020-07-13
300: Today’s Hottest Rental Type, Why Money Is A Taboo Topic 2020-07-06
299: Turnkey Behind-The-Scenes, Predictable Cash Flow via Private Lending 2020-06-29
298: Financially-Free At Age 24, Hayden Crabtree 2020-06-22
297: Guaranteed Rent Income with Section 8 Housing 2020-06-15
296: Pandemic-Era Property, The Geography Of Real Estate 2020-06-08
295: This Is Your Last Life Ever 2020-06-01
294: Is This America's Most Recession-Resilient Market? 2020-05-25
293: Learn How To Increase Your Intelligence with John Assaraf 2020-05-18
292: Interest Rates Hit All-Time Low, Drive An Oldsmobile In Winnipeg, CARES Act with Damion Lupo 2020-05-11

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