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Title Date published
Advanced Breathing Tips to Deepen Sleep, Calm Anxiety and Curb Pain w/ Patrick McKeown 2021-04-07
CDC: Heart disease and Cancer Still Top Causes of Death in 2020 2021-04-06
Wake Up with a Dry Mouth, Give this Tape & Breathing Trick a Try 2021-04-03
How Sauna and Heat Effect Your Brain, Heart and Health 2021-04-01
Blood Work You Need & Tips to Evaluate Their Meaning 2021-03-26
Free Donuts w/ Proof of Your Vaccine: the hypocrisy of our societal response to the Virus 2021-03-22
Muscle Loss, Frailty and Biden's Fall: a Leg-Strength Reminder for us All 2021-03-20
Gyms Not a Significant Outbreak, Frontline Physician Shares Data and Why Fitness is Essential 2021-03-18
Zone 2 VS HIIT: Pros, Cons and Customizing Exercise to Match Your Goals 2021-03-16
Sauna the Authentic Finnish Way w/ Glenn Auerbach of Sauna Times 2021-03-11
575K Hospitalizations Preventable: Obese, Overweight Linked w/ Majority of COVID-19 Hospital Visits 2021-03-09
Doctor Quits After Mob Attack for Exposing Kids Not Impacted by Virus 2021-03-06
Fasting, Famine & Hormones Controlling Body Fat 2021-03-03
Just 24-hours of Inactivity Trashes Blood Sugar Responses 2021-02-25
No Power? How to Purify Water & Stay Warm in a Pinch 2021-02-19
The Elephant in the Room: the Pre-Existing Condition Epidemic 2021-02-11
Sleep Switches: new ways to fix sleep w/ Stasha Gominak, MD 2021-02-05
ImmunoMetabolism: you need to hear this 2021-02-01
Fast Food & COVID-19: Scientists Lay Out the Connections 2021-01-27
You Need Less Cardio, More Sprints & Red Meat 2021-01-19

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