Congressman Dan Crenshaw joins the world's leading experts for deep and insightful conversations about the most important issues facing us today.


Title Date published
The Situation in Latin America, with Ana Quintana 2021-04-09
Big Tech Lost Our Trust - Here's How They Can Get It Back 2021-04-05
Why Is Housing So Expensive? with Howard Husock 2021-03-31
Breaking Down the Democrats' Climate Agenda | Bonus Episode 5 2021-03-28
How Radical Environmentalists Weaponized the E.P.A., with Mandy Gunasekara 2021-03-23
The Woke Military, with Rep. Mike Waltz 2021-03-18
What's Next for Texas Energy? with Commissioner Neil Chatterjee 2021-03-16
The Road to Despotism, with Dr. Paul Kengor 2021-03-12
The Crisis at Our Southern Border, with Mark Morgan 2021-03-09
Let's Talk About Transgenderism, with Scott Newgent 2021-03-05
How to fight...and persuade...the right way, Bonus Ep. 4 2021-02-25
What Happened in Texas, with Alex Epstein and Robert Bryce 2021-02-18
How Progressive Energy Policies Are Hurting Average Americans, with Robert Bryce 2021-02-14
SEAL Reunion, with Mike Hayes - Bonus Ep. 3 2021-02-09
Smarter Ways to Protect the Environment, with Dr. Bjorn Lomborg 2021-02-07
Left vs Right: The Definition of Free Speech - Bonus Ep. 2 2021-02-06
The Secret to Prosperity in Life and Nations, with Matt Ridley 2021-02-02
COVID Culture Wars - Bonus Ep. 1 2021-02-01
How a New Generation Is Empowering the Right to Life Movement, with Lila Rose 2021-01-29
Is Everything Really Getting Worse? - with Marian Tupy 2021-01-25

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